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Syrian Pancakes on a Sunday Morning

I was sorting through my holiday photos and discovered this little video I captured Al-Madina Souq in Aleppo. I re-watched it and realised it wasn’t half bad, considering it was recorded on my basic point and snap camera. I’m only sorry I didn’t record for longer. How good is this guy? Can you make pancakes… Read more

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The Sweet Life in Syria

It’s terrible what’s happening in Syria. I have walked through the souks of Damascus and Aleppo, visited the ancient ruins of Palmyra and the Crusader Castle at Krak de Chevalier. It’s difficult for me to reconcile what is going on now with what I saw just over 12 months ago. But there’s another side to… Read more

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Bakdash Ice Cream – Damascus

One of the reasons I was keen to visit the Middle East and Syria in particular were the images conjured up by Barry Vera in his book and accompanying TV show ‘Feast Bazaar‘ which was shown on SBS.  The idea of travelling halfway across the world to try hither to unsampled cuisines left an indelible… Read more

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