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I’ve Been To Bali Too

When I was asked* to write about my Bali experience by Cover-More Travel Insurance, my very first thought was of a photo I had taken on my last visit there, a few years back. The second thing I thought about was volcanic ash clouds. More on that later… When I visited with my gal pals… Read more

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In My Kitchen… December 2013

This month I have a theme. Travel. I’ve travelled quite a lot within Australia this year and worked out that I visited all but one of the capital cities for business, pleasure or a bit of both. Sorry Hobart, you missed out!In my December kitchen……are lots of indulgent goodies from Perth. I went to the… Read more

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For the 5pm G&T – King Kong Casava Chips

There are a few things I like to do whenever I travel overseas.  Sure, I like to eat exotic delicacies and visit the markets but I also like to while away a few hours in the local supermarket.  This has led to novelty soft drinks in Syria and jovial icecreams in Slovenia and Croatia.Above all… Read more

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Casa Luna Cooking School – Bali

As we were spending a decent amount of time in Bali, I decided that it might be interesting to go to a cooking school.  After some research, it became apparent that Casa Luna cooking school in Ubud was the place to go.  Casa Luna is owned by expat Janet Da Neefe and her husband and… Read more

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Bali Bakery

Admit it.  When you think Bali, you don’t think ‘Bakery’.  Tropical paradise with cocktails at sunset – yes.  Patisserie – no.  None the less, Bali had a little surprise for me in the form of Bali Bakery in Kuta.  Bakery is understating it as they do breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as offer an… Read more

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Genuine Coconut Water

Coconut Water. It’s all the rage. Buy it in a bottle at the health food shop. Get it in a can with young coconut flesh from the Asian supermarket.  Buy it in a tetra brick mixed with fruity flavours. Today I saw a litre of it at Sourced Grocer for $10. There’s even an Australian… Read more

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