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A Beacon of Hope

*** THIS VENUE HAS NOW CLOSED *** Newstead’s a funny old place.  It’s past the Valley, not quite in Bowen Hills and just beside the newly minted suburb of Teneriffe.  Geographically, culturally and gastronomically, it’s a bit of a wasteland.  It’s striving for edgy, urban renewal chic but hasn’t quite made it yet.  That’s why… Read more

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Yes Sir, We Have No Bananas

I’m not a fan of bananas, which is a pity as they are the perfect ‘take anywhere, anytime’ snack.  They also grow by the bucket load in Queensland so they are handy and cheap.  Except when there has been a devastating weather pattern bringing floods and cyclones to the State. For me, no great loss.  For… Read more

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