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In My Kitchen… November 2013

In my November kitchen……is more coffee! Produced in South Australia, we received these packets of Kommon Grounds when we went on a Coffee Crawl during the Adelaide Food Festival earlier in the year. The crawl was led by Kommon Grounds owner Dorcen, looking just like his flat cap logo. Nothing screams fun like 6 espressos… Read more

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Black Bean Brownies

Yes, you read that title correctly. Black Bean Brownies. A friend sent a link to me some time ago but it took me a while to check it out. Black Bean Brownies are a clever gluten-free bake that uses black beans for moisture and texture and, cocoa powder as a flour replacer and chocolate flavouring. Most… Read more

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Vintage Week – Vintaged Bar + Grill for Breakfast

This week it’s about all things Vintage.  Once upon a time we talked about antiques, about things being old fashioned or retro.  Shabby Chic is out and Vintage is in.  Here’s a week in the life of TIFFIN’s Vintage Brisbane.Today we visit a haunt from my youth.  At the time, I thought it was the… Read more

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Heirlooms Worth Keeping

It’s been a very busy week, food wise. I’ve been to the Good Food & Wine Show in Brisbane, cuddled up to George Columbaris and Ainsley Harriot at a meet and greet event, enjoyed a meal with my brothers at Satay Ria in Cannon Hill and went to an Elderton Winemaker’s Dinner at the Sofitel… Read more

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Grand Slam – Cumulus Inc

I was originally going to call this post ‘Holy Trinity’ but if you follow the series, you’ll find out why there was a name change.  I’ve spoken before about how I’m a big fan of Andrew McConnell’s work, both in the kitchen and in service at the table.  A trip for work gave me a… Read more

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Do Yourself a Fava

Tribute to Molly Meldrum?  No, just a lame pun of the words Fava Bean.  A few weeks back, I was doing my usual ‘Plane lands in Canberra at 6.30pm, shop for the same 10 grocery items in Dickson Woolies by 7pm’ routine when I spied ‘Fava Nuts’.  I thought ‘Hey, why not treat yourself and… Read more

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