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Would You Buy Anything From This Man?

We’re all aware that how a meal is presented is nearly as important as how it tastes. The saying goes ‘You eat with your eyes first and your stomach second’. That’s why every dish we look at in a cookbook or magazine has been primped and prinked to perfection. This fussing is done by a… Read more

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A Taste of Slovenia

I have been working on the endless task of sorting 18months worth of holiday photos into some semblance of order.  It’s a cheap shot (literally) but on the coat tales of ‘A Taste of Croatia‘ and ‘Another Taste of Croatia‘, I bring you the ice cream that’s all the rage on the shores of Lake… Read more

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Bled Kremna Rezina

Apparently Bled is famous for it’s Kremna Rezina, also known as Cremeschnitte. I was unaware of this claim to fame but it became very apparent as I walked through the town and saw the signs luring people into coffee shops. ‘Cremeschnitte Cafe Combo – 5e’, ‘Original Bled Kremna Rezina Here’, ‘Cremeschnitte To Go’. Folklore tells… Read more

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