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blood orange

Bloody Marmalade Vodka & Sicilian Mule Cocktail

And still the blood orange recipes keep coming. This is the last one, for this year anyway. Some time ago I was gifted a whole case of blood oranges by Redbelly Citrus, purveyors of fine Australian Blood Oranges. Over the ensuing weeks, I made a variety of recipes as well as just enjoying them in… Read more

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Despite being quite an accomplished cook, there are many dishes I have not I cooked and techniques I haven’t mastered. Sometimes it’s because the dish requires a degree of precision I’m not prepared to labour over but more often than not, it’s a time constraint. Really though, who has the time to candy fruit? No… Read more

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Vanilla & Blood Orange Flummery

Flummery as a dessert sounds like a bit of an old fashioned concept doesn’t it? That’s because it is. First mentioned in Gervaise Markham’s ‘Countrey Contentments’ or ‘English Huswife’ book of 1623 it was a peasant dish of oatmeal steeped in water and boiled to thicken it and served with butter. Over time, the dish evolved with… Read more

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After I’d made the marmalade, the cake, the jug of juice, the ice cubes and eaten my weight in segments, I had yet more of Redbelly Citrus’ gifted blood oranges to make the most of. I have quite a few fruit preserving and sweet making books that I’ve collected from my forays to the Lifeline Bookfest… Read more

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In My Kitchen… September 2014

Well here we are again my friends. In My Kitchen. September! Spring has most definitely sprung, the mercury is already rising and happily, there’s more daylight. At this time of year you start to think ‘yeah, I really like Summer’. In February when it’s 32c and 85% humidity, you start to re-think that bold statement. In… Read more

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Blood Orange Marmalade From Darkest Peru

‘…and after dipping a paw into an open jar of marmalade by his bed in order to make sure everything really was all right, he closed his eyes again.’ Paddington Treasury, Michael Bond Marmalade. You either like it, or you don’t. I’m in the ‘don’t’ camp whilst both Anthony and Paddington Bear are in the… Read more

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In My Kitchen… March 2014

Welcome to TIFFIN’s new home.  Between travel for work, helping out with some project coordination, a weekend of camping and moving to the my new Blog home, there hasn’t been an awful lot of cooking or eating going on. So without further ado, here’s what’s happening this month   In my March kitchen… … are… Read more

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Summer Ice Block Adventures – ‘Seussicals’

Happy New Year to all of my readers. TIFFIN is on the move very soon so make sure you have subscribed via email so I can take you with me to my new location. If you are in the TIFFIN Fan Club via Google, please also subscribe so I don’t lose you! Meanwhile…. In the… Read more

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Summer Ice Block Adventures – ‘Madras’

Well that was Spring then. After one of the warmest Brisbane Winters on record and a scorching start to September, the mercury today indicates that we are in Summer mode. All of this warm weather has made me think about the Summer ahead and trying my hand at some new projects. So, throughout the coming… Read more

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