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The Durrells – A Not So Secret Pleasure

If you have watched even the smallest amount of the Rio Olympics on television, you can’t have failed to see the ad for ‘The Durrells – coming after the Olympics’. To say that I’m more than a little bit excited about their imminent arrival is an understatement. You see, I’m a Durrellphile. A complete Durrell tragic… Read more

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For a Good Cause

A break in transmission from the ‘Dispatches from Sydney’….. In September 2011, my brother Edward was diagnosed with Leukaemia.  As I write this, he has been in hospital for over 6 months.  He is awaiting a bone marrow transplant at the end of this March that is likely to occur on his 23rd birthday.  Meanwhile… Read more

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Never Underestimate an Op Shop!

Time for an Op Shop update.  So many great goodies out there and so little space to fit it in my cupboards.To start with, these cute espresso cups. Originally a set of 8, sadly there were only 4 pairs plus the leftover saucers, that stayed behind.  With a hint of 70’s and a whiff of… Read more

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