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Cheese & Pepita Beer Bread

I’m more of a cider girl but Mr Tiffin doesn’t mind a beer on a hot summer afternoon. Our friend Andrew brews beer so we always have plenty on hand, Sometimes, there’s a little too much so it got me thinking about ways to use some up. Beer Bread was the answer. The Quick &… Read more

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In My Kitchen… July 2014

The months fly by and here we are in the dead of Winter. Not really that dead and not really that cold in Brisbane but cold enough for us!  Joining in Celia’s In My Kitchen event hosted by Fig Jam and Lime Cordial reminds me what a big world we live in. There’s always some… Read more

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It was one of those weekends where I really didn’t want to leave the house. We’d been out and about on Saturday morning and I was ready for a weekend of writing, reading and cooking. As I started to make a split pea and ham soup I realised that we didn’t have any decent bread… Read more

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Focaccia – Random Recipes #28

This month Belleau Kitchen’s Random Recipe Challenge is simply called ‘Bread’. Dom asked us to select a recipe from our baking books or the baking section of our books.  I did my random draw and came up with the very flamboyant ‘Bernard King’s Summer Kitchen’. OK then….. Thankfully Bernard didn’t have any bread, bakery or… Read more

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Dude, Where’s My Bun?

Food Trucks are just so ‘now’.  They’ve been a phenomena in the US for a few years and have heralded the introduction of ‘Dude Food’ as a food trend.  Dude Food is relatively cheap, easy to hold meals that are typically eaten by ‘dudes’.  Think ribs, buffalo wings, popcorn, tacos, hot dogs, sliders (which are really… Read more

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Migrants Made Australia

I was born in Australia but I come from the biggest wave of migrants that arrived in this country in the late 1700’s.  Yep, I’m from convict stock.  Other than potatoes and stew, the culinary highlights from Ireland are few and far between.  There have been many more waves of migrants in the last 200+… Read more

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Stove Top Naan

I confess. In the past when it came to making Naan, I used Sharwood’s Naan mix. It was convenient and the end product was a decent looking Naan. I’ve come a long way in the bread making stakes and now whip up batches of pide, pizza and bretzels with no problems at all. I recently… Read more

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Homemade Pide

I scored a couple of fantastic gifts when I recently left my long time employer.  One was a whizz bang blender (no doubt the subject of another post, soon) and, a copy of Greg & Lucy Malouf’s ‘Turquoise’. I’m a bit obsessive when I get a new cookbook – I like to sit down and… Read more

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Sneaky Review – Dan’s Home Made Bread

On my way up to the Market on the Mall today, I swung past Steve’s desk to have a quick chat. Sitting on a plate was a small portion of crusty bread with a thread of garlic and herbs kneaded into it. I cut off a chunk and popped it into my mouth – delicious… Read more

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