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There’s Burgers & Then There’s Rib & Burgers

I’m the first to say that I don’t mind a good burger, as long as I’m not trapped in the US mid-west where it’s the only menu option for weeks on end. There have been many words and column inches written about the current fascination with US Fast Food culture and its all pervasive nature. No doubt… Read more

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Sonic Drive-In – Kayenta, AZ

When were travelling through Wyoming, we spent a night in the dot on the map town of Lusk. I had read they had an old fashioned Drive-In burger joint and was keen to visit but the ever present ‘closed for the season’ sign that haunted our holiday meant visiting a drive-in burger restuarant would have… Read more

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Not Quite Eggact – Egg Bistro, East Bris

 *** THIS VENUE HAS NOW CLOSED *** My brother posted a comment that he had managed to make it into not one, but two recent blog posts.  As he visited again from the big smoke last weekend, I have decided to make it a hat trick.  I have been wanting to go to Egg Bistro… Read more

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