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In My Kitchen (Gasp!)… October 2018

Hello world. What have you been up to?  It’s been a year of highs and lows, reflection and re-direction, culling and curating. As part of editing my life, I have had many conversations with myself about this blog, whether I wanted it to continue and if so, in what format. It’s certainly liberating, not thinking… Read more

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In The Tiffin Box

The year is rushing by, as it always does. There’s always so much happening. So many small observations and half written posts that fly past without being captured and popped onto a digital page for posterity. The Project Manager in me needs to curate these thoughts. Get them organised. Document them. Here they are: Carina North Quality Meats… Read more

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Product Review – Meatcart

….speaking of butchers…. Last week I wrote about my local butcher shop. Whilst it’s local to my house it’s not actually close to where I spend much of my time, which increasingly seems to be Canberra in the service of our great nation’s public. This makes it difficult to shop for meat and groceries. Luckily, Meatcart… Read more

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Well today’s the day. The Good Burghers of Griffith* are out and about looking for the Good Burgers of Griffith. It’s election day in Griffith and on the way out of the polling booth, there’s an opportunity for local schools and community groups to add an unexpected by-election windfall to their coffers in the form… Read more

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