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What I Learned At Eat Drink Blog 2015

Last weekend I went to the food and lifestyle blogger’s conference, Eat Drink Blog. Last year I was on the organising committee and what a blur that weekend was. Twelve months on and I could enjoy myself at the conference. This year it was held in Canberra, a city I know very well. Though this was… Read more

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In My Kitchen – January 2014 (yes! 2014)

Well here we are….January….a new year. There will hopefully be lots happening in my kitchen this year as TIFFIN is getting a new kitchen. Follow my bite sized kitchen adventures each month as I travel from optimistic and excited through delays and disappointments via budget blow out and scaled back expectations and onwards to rising… Read more

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A Treat for the Frequent Flyer

The other day I was poking around Koko Black in Canberra, wishing we had one in Brisbane when I saw these little treats.  The thing that caught my eye was the label – ‘For Frequent Flyers’.  I thought, ‘What’s this? They’ve recognised my fellow zombies, trapped in a twilight zone of overpriced airport shops, shuttling… Read more

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