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Just Peachy

Happy New Year!  Hasn’t the stone fruit been great this Summer? An excellent growing season has meant bumper crops and low prices. The cherries have been the best I’ve had in at least half a dozen years and my favourite, nectarines, have been great. Although I also enjoy peaches, they can be a bit hit… Read more

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Sign of the Times – Staples

With all of this wandering, I see lots of really great signs for shops, providores and specialist artisans.  Some are big and others small, some are quirky whilst others get straight to the point.  Some are just plain weird.In what I think will be a continuing series, here is my first selection featuring the basics… Read more

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Champagne Tastes

I mentioned in my travel blog about our visit to the Champagne region in France.  We stayed in Epernay, home to many of the big Champagne Houses but also a centre for many smaller producers.  At 25 000 people, it’s a lot more manageable than Reims (but a darn site bigger than Tanunda). Our stay… Read more

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