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Cherry & Coconut Gem Scones

I have two recipes on TIFFIN that are by far and away my most popular posts. They vie for top billing, depending on the time of year. They are Slow Cooker BBQ Ribs and Gem Scones. Ribs are most popular in winter and gem scones the rest of the year round. As they are so… Read more

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In My Kitchen… November 2013

In my November kitchen……is more coffee! Produced in South Australia, we received these packets of Kommon Grounds when we went on a Coffee Crawl during the Adelaide Food Festival earlier in the year. The crawl was led by Kommon Grounds owner Dorcen, looking just like his flat cap logo. Nothing screams fun like 6 espressos… Read more

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‘Mele Kalikimaka…

…is the thing to say on a bright Hawaiian Christmas Day.’It was a rude shock to race into the supermarket at 7.30pm on a Tuesday evening and hear Bing Crosby crooning to the one or two souls wandering the aisles.  It was the first real reminder for me that Christmas is not long away.  It’s… Read more

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It’s Cherry Season! Spicy Cherry Sauce

Cherries and Summer are interchangeable words. They remind us that Christmas is on the way and that there are plenty of long, hot, lazy days ahead to enjoy these sweet, juicy treats.  I have fond memories of Summer 2010 in France, buying a kilo of cherries from the front door of a local and heading… Read more

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It’s all about the Cheese – Rhone Valley

It’s no secret that I love cheese.  In fact, it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t love cheese, but I know they are out there.  Does anyone love cheese more than the French?  I think not.  Last year as part of our more than bite sized adventures, we stayed at the municipal campground in Tournon-Sur-Rhone… Read more

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