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Spring Onion Hommus – Waste Not, Want Not

You say hummus, I say hommus. You say spring onion and I say shallot… either way, we should definitely not call the whole thing off. This extremely easy recipe for Spring Onion Hommus was borne of a desire to make use of the leftover green tops from a bunch of spring onions. I often roughly… Read more

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Cretan Dakos – THAT Stale Bread & Tomato Recipe

I like to think that I cook well and that the food I create for friends and family is enjoyed and remembered. I spend time planning menus, challenging my skills and creating meals that are unusual and a talking point. Why is it then, that my most talked about and asked for recipe is made from… Read more

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The first time I tasted chickpeas was in the late 1970’s. My Mum, ever the gastronomic explorer used to cook up huge batches in the pressure cooker. They would be served just warm as a party nibble, tossed in salt and earthy spices. Most people had not even heard of a chickpea let alone preferred… Read more

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