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Steamed Buns – Coconut & Char Siu for Lunar New Year

The other day I was in my old stamping ground and noted that Chinese Garden, the local Chinese restaurant, was still going strong. With its fabulous green tiled roof and red pillars, it was quite upmarket as far as Chinese restaurants went in the 1970’s. With a reception area, flocked wallpaper, linen table cloths, huge… Read more

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Peng You?…Yes You Can

There’s a bit of a revolution happening in Newstead and Tenneriffe. After years of promised development, failed development and stalled development, there are new apartments and businesses popping up all over the place. One very welcome development is The Gasworks. Welcome because after working at the wrong end of town for two years, there is now… Read more

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In the Dragon’s Lair

I grew up not far from Sunnybank when it still had the vestiges of market gardens and was on a sleepy street called Mains Rd that ended literally in a dead end at the Mt Gravatt Cemetary.  I recall collecting pecans that had fallen from the trees standing in the vacant lot behind the new… Read more

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The first thing I’d like to say is ‘Welcome!’ to all my new readers who have been visiting the blog as a result of Random Recipes. I love to read your comments so keep it up! Perhaps you’d like to subscribe via email or join the TIFFIN Fan Club (on the right side bar)? I… Read more

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