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Empanadas on the Steps of the Spanish Inquisition

Living in Lima would suit me.  Limeans love to snack and so do I.  On every corner, in public spaces and along the streets, there are vendors selling a wonderful array of snacks.  Churros (mmm), Churritos (mini mmm), Ceviche, Popcorn, Buttered Corn (buttery mmm), stuffed bread rolls – they are all there for the taking… Read more

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Very Moorish

Moorish charm at the Alhambra Palace – Granada, SpainIn 2010 I spent two separate months in Spain, travelling from north to south, east to west, avoiding a lot of the coast and spending a considerable amount of time in interior.  In that time, we encountered only one place where Tapas was still served in the… Read more

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The Unexpected Churros

My brother was visiting from Sydney for the weekend so I decided to have a Carnitas & Margaritas night to celebrate.  After a few Margaritas over Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘Rebecca‘, it was time to move on to our Mexican feast.  The prefect opportunity to use those Mexican doilies. Apart from the shredded pork carnitas, much of… Read more

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Holy Guacamole!

I was overseas for quite a while and now that I’m back, I have noticed a few things.  Food prices are through the roof, Qld winters really are the best and Mexican is the Comida del Dia.  Everyone rolls their eyes about Tex-Mex and Montezuma’s and how hard done by Australian’s are when it comes… Read more

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¿How Do You Say Chocolate in Spanish?

Chocolate (chuck-o-LAY-tay).  It´s very nature transcends all language barriers…If there´s one thing that´s certain, it´s that the Spanish have a sweet tooth.  Everwhere you look there are Pasticceria selling cakes, cookies, doughnuts, chocolates and ice cream.  On every other corner is an El Rincion, shops selling vast arrays of lollies and candied nuts.  And, there… Read more

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