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Plum & Ginger Relish – Small Batch Preserving

I enjoy making jams and chutneys but with only two of us in the house, it takes forever to finish a jar of anything. Even gifting does little to make a dent into stockpiles. The answer is ‘small batch preserving’. There’s no need for kilos of fruit and sugar. This Plum & Ginger Relish is… Read more

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In My Kitchen… March 2016

February gave us an extra day this year but here we are again, March . Our renovations are finished and the builders are gone. Now comes the task of unpacking and restoring order. I’m asking myself about every item as I return it to a new cupboard. Do I really need it? When was the last… Read more

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From Wonky Fruit To Eat Me Chutneys

You know I’m a sucker for social justice projects. I’m a strong advocate for human rights activities and supporter of not for profits and NGOs. The power of people can make a difference, whether that’s through the union movement or micro loans through organisations such as Kiva. You can make a difference. Crowd sourcing is another example… Read more

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In My Kitchen… October 2013

In my October kitchen is……the first shallot I have ever grown. Actually, it’s a spring onion or eschallot but in Australia, we call them shallots.  Confusingly, we call real shallots, shallots too! I picked up a couple of seedlings at Crop Swap earlier in the year and planted them in amongst the herbs. It was… Read more

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‘Mele Kalikimaka…

…is the thing to say on a bright Hawaiian Christmas Day.’It was a rude shock to race into the supermarket at 7.30pm on a Tuesday evening and hear Bing Crosby crooning to the one or two souls wandering the aisles.  It was the first real reminder for me that Christmas is not long away.  It’s… Read more

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Bengal Apple Chutney

I don’t make jam but I do make Chutney, which is very in keeping with the TIFFIN theme. I do use recipes but have also been known to whip up a batch of whatever I have to hand and just make it up as I go along. You can’t go far wrong as long as… Read more

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