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Cranberry & Coconut Biscuits

I recently bought a 2nd hand copy of the Women’s Weekly Cakes, Slices & Biscuits cookbook. I need another cookbook like a hole in the head however, it was for a pop up op shop fundraiser at work. So, I bought the book. I spotted this recipe for Cranberry & Coconut Biscuits whilst flicking through… Read more

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Cherry & Coconut Gem Scones

I have two recipes on TIFFIN that are by far and away my most popular posts. They vie for top billing, depending on the time of year. They are Slow Cooker BBQ Ribs and Gem Scones. Ribs are most popular in winter and gem scones the rest of the year round. As they are so… Read more

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Chocolate Coconut Slice – It’s Fete Season

Yes, I know it’s fete season because hot on the heels of publishing a recipe for Old Fashioned Rock Cakes, I got an email from a friend asking for suggestions about what to make for a cake stall. Whilst Rock Cakes are an option, I have another old favourite up my sleeve for those who may… Read more

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Steamed Buns – Coconut & Char Siu for Lunar New Year

The other day I was in my old stamping ground and noted that Chinese Garden, the local Chinese restaurant, was still going strong. With its fabulous green tiled roof and red pillars, it was quite upmarket as far as Chinese restaurants went in the 1970’s. With a reception area, flocked wallpaper, linen table cloths, huge… Read more

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Summer Ice Block Adventures – ‘Seussicals’

Happy New Year to all of my readers. TIFFIN is on the move very soon so make sure you have subscribed via email so I can take you with me to my new location. If you are in the TIFFIN Fan Club via Google, please also subscribe so I don’t lose you! Meanwhile…. In the… Read more

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Fragrant Coconut Lime & Rosemary Syrup Cake

I’ve got a triffid in my garden. It’s growing bigger by the day. It’s so big now that it’s consumed one of the rose bushes and it’s on the march. It’s climbed above the fence line and the neighbours are looking worried. A wet summer and a dry winter has created the perfect conditions for… Read more

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Coconut Macaroons BC*

*Before Corporatisation. Back in the good old days, before McDonald’s in Paris sold them for .90€ cents, before temples of taste such as Laduree had made it to our shores and they were just a glimmer in MasterChef’s eye, Macarons were known as Macaroons. (click on the Laduree link to see what Paris is really… Read more

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Genuine Coconut Water

Coconut Water. It’s all the rage. Buy it in a bottle at the health food shop. Get it in a can with young coconut flesh from the Asian supermarket.  Buy it in a tetra brick mixed with fruity flavours. Today I saw a litre of it at Sourced Grocer for $10. There’s even an Australian… Read more

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If You Like Pina Colada…

…or even if you don’t, most of you will no doubt have been ‘caught in the rain’ that is blanketing the east coast of Australia. Thankfully, last week there was a brief reprieve that allowed a group of us to enjoy a picnic in New Farm Park. We were celebrating Oscar’s 7th birthday which gave… Read more

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