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I’ve only ever had one tomato sauce in my house. Rosella Tomato Sauce. I have Rosella in my house because that’s what my Mum has always had in her’s. It’s what I grew up with. It’s not that I have tomato sauce on every meal but when I do have sauce, I want it to… Read more

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This is Radio TIFFIN

Interrupting all programmes….With so much happening and far too many exciting adventures for me to ever fully catch up, I’ve dedicated this post to ‘announcements & updates’.International TIFFINThe eagle eyed amongst you may have spotted a new page on the blog.  Click on the International TIFFIN tab at the top of the page to see… Read more

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Treats on a Stick

Earlier in the year I served an unusual dessert treat for the Gastronauts Supper Club.  As part of a South American themed evening, I made Roasted Sweetcorn Popsicles.  They were popular on the night so I decided to post and tweet my recipe.  As a result, I ended up chatting on Twitter to @mariapalitos_au, a… Read more

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It’s a new year, a time of new beginnings.  I’ve got a new look and lots of plans and ideas about the year ahead.  It seems every other writer and blogger is making food related predictions for 2013 so I may as well join in and become a soothsayer for TIFFIN in 2013.New Avatar –… Read more

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