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Smoky Aubergine Croquettes – The Mighty Eggplant

I love eggplant in all its glorious guises. In Asian style stir fries, baked or grilled with toppings and fillings, Moroccan tagines, Middle Eastern dips, barbecued, in Moussaka and in one of my favourites discoveries of the year in Bali, thin slices dipped in batter and fried to crispy puffs served with caramelised onions and… Read more

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Croquetas Better Than MoVida’s?

As you know, Spain is the home of Tapas and one of the old standbys are Croquetas.  They come in all shapes and sizes and, just like any menu staple, vary wildly in quality (think hot chips or fries and you’ll get the drift).For the unitiated (and it must be said, disadvanatged), Croquetas are croquette… Read more

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