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Donna Hay

The Random Recipes challenge this month is ‘Random Birthday Number’ where we use our birthday to choose the matching book on the shelf and select a recipe to make.  Seems simple enough but the Random Gods have not always been kind to me. This time though, World’s Collided and I was able to combine a… Read more

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Something A Little Different In my fake day job, I’m a Project Manager and Process Designer. I love structure and a good plan. This spills over into how I run my blog (see, I’m ‘running’ rather than ‘writing’ my blog – it’s like a big project). In case you haven’t noticed, I blog twice a… Read more

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When Life Gives You Lemons…..

It’s been a busy week in the Camp Hill kitchen. I have had lots of unexpected guests and on Tuesday, I was casting around, looking at what was left in the fridge and cupboard that could feed six on short notice. One thing I did have was a grove of lemons. It’s like that with… Read more

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