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The Cult of Voodoo Doughnut – Denver, CO

On our travels, I like to research the city we’re visiting and find out more about what’s on offer as far as restaurants, regional specialities and any ‘must try’ treats. Colour me a surprised shade of pink when I found out that Oregon hipster doughnut shop, Voodoo Doughnut had recently crossed borders to open an… Read more

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In My Kitchen… December 2014

Well here it is. The last IMK for 2014. A few weeks ago Celia from Fig Jam & Lime Cordial asked me ‘I just did the roundup of the November IMKs and missed you. When are you back?  I took a couple of months off from TIFFIN to travel in the USA so of course… Read more

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Dalmatinske Fritule

I had a delightful surprise for breakfast at our hostel the other morning when alongside the usual cheeses and salami, were these freshly cooked Dalmatinske Fritule or Dalmatian Fritters.  These little yeast based fritters are typically small balls that are dropped into the oil but at Hostel Adria, they were rather more free form.Tasting like… Read more

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