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Regular readers will know that a large group of us hold a Eurovision Party every year. New readers are probably wondering ‘why?’. The easy answer is ‘why not?’. It’s a chance to get together, celebrate all that is good, bad and ridiculous about the song competition as well as enjoy the food of the host country… Read more

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Every year, our circle of friends embraces the celebration of all that is unique, unusual and just a little bit kitsch. Of course, I’m talking about Eurovision and this year we witnessed some new milestones in our celebrations. First and foremost, Australia was invited to compete in the Eurovision extravaganza. None of this wild card… Read more

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Well that was a Eurovision to remember! Australia had a wildcard entry with Guy Sebastian taking out a respectable 5th place, Nigella Lawson read out the results for the UK, Conchita Wurst introduced the show by flying through the air and not one but two countries managed to achieve the highly elusive and never sought… Read more

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If there’s one thing Australians can’t get enough of, it’s Eurovision. We’ve laughed, we’ve danced, we’ve cried. The winners, the losers, the ridiculous outfits, the funny accents, we’ve embraced them all. What was once a way to unify Europe and bring a splash of colour and glamour to some dreary postwar years has become a… Read more

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Danish Christmas Kringle for Aussies

In May this year, it was our turn to host the annual Eurovision Party. This involved lots of themed eating and drinking whilst watching the delayed broadcast on SBS. Denmark was the host country so for a main course I made the utterly delicious Venison Pie with requisite EU stars on top. I also made a… Read more

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Eurovision 2014 – This is Camp Hill Calling

Where did that year go? This time last year we were having a Eurovision sleep over in Witta, watching as the votes inevitably tallied in favour of Denmark. I say inevitably as I had drawn Denmark out of the hat and had the sweet experience of my country winning Eurovision 2013 mixed with the bitter responsibility… Read more

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Regular readers will know that the Eurovision Song Contest lives large on my social calendar.  Every year, a dedicated group of us gather in a lounge room somewhere in South East Qld to celebrate all that is so bad and yet, so good about Eurovision. Over the years we have honed party planning of this… Read more

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You’re never too old to learn about new cultures, foods and destinations. So, what do we know about Azerbaijan? The capital is Baku, they have huge oil reserves that have made them lots of ‘new money’ and they don’t like Armenia much.  Oh, and they won Eurovision last year. Cath drew Azerbaijan out of the… Read more

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Friends and followers will know that I’m mad keen on Eurovision. This time last year we were celebrating in Switzerland. Tacky songs, trashy outfits, out of tune and out of step – what’s not to love? The only real tragedy in recent years has been the move by many countries to sing in English and… Read more

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Eurovision 2010 – This is Switzerland Calling

Well, it’s done and dusted. Another Eurovision under the belt.  This year though, it was Eurovision with a twist. Rather than watching a delayed telecast on a Sunday evening in someone’s lounge room in Brisbane, we were watching it in Europe!  OK, OK, Switzerland was knocked out in the semi finals but we were still… Read more

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