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Caramel Fig & Pear Loaf – Bookmarked Recipes

The original recipe that this Caramel Fig & Pear Loaf is based on had been bookmarked for years but I never seemed to have the time, ingredients or inclination to get it made. It’s physically bookmarked with a little tab of paper that pre-dates virtual bookmarking. My ‘to review’ board on Pinterest tells a similar story, as… Read more

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In My Kitchen… April 2016

What a time it’s been. After a log period of renovating, we went on a short holiday to Bali to recharge the batteries. Whilst we were re-charging, the batteries in our smoke alarms were going flat. We returned home at 3am on a Friday morning to find the alarms chirping. Who doesn’t love to be… Read more

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Grand Slam – Cutler & Co

I was originally going to call this post ‘Holy Trinity’ but if you follow the series, you’ll find out why there was a name change.  I’ve spoken before about how I’m a big fan of Andrew McConnell’s work, both in the kitchen and in service at the table.  A working trip to gave me a… Read more

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Barossan Style Fig Galette

Since arriving back in Australia, one thing I have been attempting to do is try new recipes on guests, rather than the falling back on old faves and standbys. Progress has been slow to date but got a big boost with the pantry stock up a few weeks ago. Just before I headed off to… Read more

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Croatian & Bosnian Food – Not For Vegetarians!

Here I am in Croatia and I barely have time to post anything between maintaining my two gelati a day habit formed since this heatwave began in Italy and stuffing my face with every type of sheep cheese you can think of.  One thing is for sure, like most of Europe and the Balkans (and… Read more

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