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gem scones

Cherry & Coconut Gem Scones

I have two recipes on TIFFIN that are by far and away my most popular posts. They vie for top billing, depending on the time of year. They are Slow Cooker BBQ Ribs and Gem Scones. Ribs are most popular in winter and gem scones the rest of the year round. As they are so… Read more

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In My Kitchen… February 2017

In my kitchen, there has been very little cooking this month. In fact, there has been very little time spent in my kitchen at all as my attention is directed elsewhere. As a serial cook, my freezer was full to bursting with quick re-heat and eat meals for ‘just in case’ moments. This has certainly… Read more

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Gem Scones – perfect for a rainy Sunday

I’ve always been curious about Gem Scones. Ever since I saw a recipe for Gem Scones dipped in jelly and rolled in coconut in one of my Mum’s old cook books, I wanted to know more.  How does the cast iron pan known as a ‘Gem Iron’, work? Do the scones come out of the… Read more

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