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Gerald Durrell

The Durrells – A Not So Secret Pleasure

If you have watched even the smallest amount of the Rio Olympics on television, you can’t have failed to see the ad for ‘The Durrells – coming after the Olympics’. To say that I’m more than a little bit excited about their imminent arrival is an understatement. You see, I’m a Durrellphile. A complete Durrell tragic… Read more

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Rancho Relaxo

Sometimes, being on holidays can be hard work.  The 3am starts to beat the Bolivian Miner’s Blockade, the 10 hour driving day in Peru only to find you have another tomorrow, bad plumbing, bad food, bad company….the list is endless.  So, sometimes it’s good to have a short holiday from the holiday.  When we were… Read more

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The Whispering Land – Chimichurri Sauce

Gerald Durrell is one of my favourite authors.  The books tell of his adventures around the world collecting, capturing and nurturing animals first for other zoos and then for his own. His use of language to paint captivating scenes and amusing anecdotes is masterful and wherever I go in the world, I often recollect tales… Read more

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