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Atelier for Lunch

A plan had been made to visit Brisbane mainstay Montrachet, in its new digs in Bowen Hills. Unfortunately, we had not banked on it being so busy in the lead up to Christmas, and couldn’t get a booking. This is how we found ourselves at Atelier for a Friday lunch. Atelier is a newish opening… Read more

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Pumpkin & Ricotta Gnocchi and The Big Night

As part of the #Harvest Exhibition at QAGOMA, I finally got to see the movie The Big Night starring Tony Shaloub and Stanley Tucci. This movie regularly appears in top 10 food movie lists but I hadn’t even heard of it until I joined a hangout on Google+ with a ‘movie night’ theme. When I… Read more

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Locanda Osteria & Bar

*** THIS VENUE HAS NOW CLOSED *** Birthdays arrive with alarming regularity these days. There are a handful that I recall very well whilst others are lost in the mists of time. On my 8th I received my first watch, on my 13th I received Michael Jackson’s ‘Off The Wall’ and on my 40th, I… Read more

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Goat’s Cheese Gnocchi – Random Recipes #26

It’s funny how we copy down recipes for meals we have enjoyed or tear out pages surreptitiously in waiting rooms yet, we often don’t get around to making the dishes.  Before you know it, you’ve got a veritable library stashed away.  You edit and tidy but the pile grows again.  When I was travelling in… Read more

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