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Lunch Sized Adventures – Turning Japanese san

A pair of gyoza bars this time round. One in Fortitude Valley, the other in Bulimba. Gyoza are Japanese dumplings gently steamed then fried on one side so they have a nicely caramelised base. Sometimes that can be overcooked and chewy and other times they can be a little flaccid. Six gyoza is never going to… Read more

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Peng You?…Yes You Can

There’s a bit of a revolution happening in Newstead and Tenneriffe. After years of promised development, failed development and stalled development, there are new apartments and businesses popping up all over the place. One very welcome development is The Gasworks. Welcome because after working at the wrong end of town for two years, there is now… Read more

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You’ve Got Some Wicked Style – Harijuku Dumpling

Earlier in the year, a cute little avatar popped up on Twitter – a smiling gyoza dumpling Hai! This heralded the impending opening of Harajuku Gyoza in Fortitude Valley.  Finally, after months of  ‘it’s on the list’, it was our turn to visit this dumpling bar on our way to a night out with former… Read more

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