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How Does My Garden Grow? Pickled Eggplant Recipe

I’m very excited to see the first flowers on my eggplant (aubergine) bush.  I lovingly tended this plant from seed, to seedling, to small bush. Now, the first flowers!  Let’s hope the fruit sets. These eggplants are an heirloom variety that I bought when I went along to an Heirloom Vegetable workshop late last year. … Read more

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Heirlooms Worth Keeping

It’s been a very busy week, food wise. I’ve been to the Good Food & Wine Show in Brisbane, cuddled up to George Columbaris and Ainsley Harriot at a meet and greet event, enjoyed a meal with my brothers at Satay Ria in Cannon Hill and went to an Elderton Winemaker’s Dinner at the Sofitel… Read more

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