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In My Kitchen… January 2015

Plop! 2015 has landed with a big fat splat. I had a great break over Christmas, with the requisite eating and drinking as well as getting quite a few posts under my belt for the year to come. I envisage a good deal more travel with work which means I need to be super organised… Read more

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In My Kitchen… December 2014

Well here it is. The last IMK for 2014. A few weeks ago Celia from Fig Jam & Lime Cordial asked me ‘I just did the roundup of the November IMKs and missed you. When are you back?  I took a couple of months off from TIFFIN to travel in the USA so of course… Read more

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In My Kitchen… September 2014

Well here we are again my friends. In My Kitchen. September! Spring has most definitely sprung, the mercury is already rising and happily, there’s more daylight. At this time of year you start to think ‘yeah, I really like Summer’. In February when it’s 32c and 85% humidity, you start to re-think that bold statement. In… Read more

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In My Kitchen… August 2014

Last month I said it wasn’t too cold in Brisbane then the moment I pressed the publish button, the icy blasts from the Antarctic arrived. For Brisbane, it was very cold. This, from a seasoned traveller to Canberra. A month on, we have had our cold spell and temperatures are starting to climb. Yesterday a… Read more

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In My Kitchen… July 2014

The months fly by and here we are in the dead of Winter. Not really that dead and not really that cold in Brisbane but cold enough for us!  Joining in Celia’s In My Kitchen event hosted by Fig Jam and Lime Cordial reminds me what a big world we live in. There’s always some… Read more

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In My Kitchen… June 2014

In my June kitchen there’s a bit of a baking theme going on. In my kitchen… …was my first attempt at a blockbuster celebration cake. All eaten now. I offered to make a cake for my niece’s birthday and decided to surprise her with an Ombre Cake. It’s not something I had made before but… Read more

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In My Kitchen… May 2014

Hard to believe that it’s May in this part of the world. Officially the third month of Autumn, I only moved into a cardie last week and even today, with a full blast of wind straight from the Arctic, it’s sunny and still 22c degrees. Beautiful Brisbane! Meanwhile, the temperatures are lot cooler in other… Read more

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In My Kitchen… April 2014

In my April kitchen… …are Birthday goodies. I celebrated my birthday last month and got quite a haul. Highlights included a paella pan and jam funnel from my mum, a delicious bottle of Blood Orange, Guava and Mango White Balsamic from my friend Sam and a Lonely Planet book on the Great Cuisines of the… Read more

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In My Kitchen… February 2014

In My Kitchen is hosted on a monthly basis by Chook Whisperer, Celia from Fig Jam and Lime Cordial. It’s an opportunity for bloggers to talk about what’s happening in their kitchen and their lives and maybe include a few things that they haven’t had time to blog about. If you visit Celia’s blog, you can read… Read more

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