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A Dosa Deliciousness

The enormous McWhirters Building in Fortitude Valley has been around since 1898 and has housed departments stores, markets, shops and fast food joints that have all come and gone.  They chart the rise and fall and rise and fall of the Valley as a shopping destination and the faddish nature of consumers, always looking for the… Read more

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Hope Springs Eternal

My husband is not much of a cook.  Sure, he knows his way around a tin of tuna and can scare up a good looking salad sandwich but on the whole, it’s more forage that foie gras.  He often says he should learn to cook and knows that practice is the best way to improve… Read more

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Stocking Up

After 18 months travelling, the cupboard was completely bare.  In an effort to start as I mean to go on, I have only been buying items ‘as needed’.  Slowly though, the desire to have just the right spice or herb, noodle or sauce has worn me down and it all came to a head when… Read more

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