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Dispatches from Sydney – Bodega Tapas Bar

An extra post this week as there are quite a few queued at mission control at present.Bodega.  Wasn’t that the name of a sparkling wine in the 70’s*?  This Bodega is more akin to it’s Spanish origins, being a wine cellar or bar.  I found myself on a raining evening in Sydney at a loose… Read more

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Saints Above! Open Kibbeh

I’m going to marry Yotam Ottolenghi.  Sure, he may be playing for the other team and doesn’t even know I exist but I am having a love affair with him anyway.  Oh, OK, with his food.  My books arrived from Amazon the other day and I’m enjoying every moment of leafing through, poring over recipes… Read more

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The Horned Woman Restaurant @ The Greyhound Inn

Plans for the day were revised once we woke to a light dusting of snow and sought adventure closer to home, rather than drive on the icy roads.  Sunday lunch at The Greyhound Inn in Saughall was the choice, within walking distance of the house and recommended by several neighbours.  The pub was busy and… Read more

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Cleaning out the Pantry – Moroccan Lamb Soup

Every day I have a good (or bad) meal or visit a bistro or shop and I think ‘Oooh…I should blog this’. Then I go home and have a million other things to do and ask myself ‘Do people really want to read about what I cooked for dinner last night?’ Then I get an… Read more

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