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Coconut Curry & Lentil Soup – Recipe in a Jar

I wanted to give a birthday present to a friend who is very much into reducing her footprint and zero waste. I decided to have a go at a making a recipe in a jar. Something that could be cooked with little effort, one evening after work. Simply add oil and water and you’re done… Read more

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Good Friday is the last Friday in Lent, when Catholics abstain from eating meat. Many non Catholics also follow this tradition, if only for Good Friday. Once upon a time, the idea of entertaining without meat would have been unthinkable. These days, with many who eat less or no meat and, the whole of the globe… Read more

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Richly Braised Lentils

Winter is well and truly here and whilst the Winter Solstice has passed, there are a few more dark nights ahead of us. I thought I’d share a recipe that’s ticks all the boxes as far as hearty, comforting fare. A bowl of braised lentils with some crusty bread will stick to your ribs and you’ll… Read more

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