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Cheetos Macarons? The Macaron Parlour – NYC

In the world of globalisation and social media, food trends sweep the world rapidly. Cupcake parlours, copies of Cronuts and more pulled pork than you’d think there were actual pigs on earth. Let’s not forget macarons. One minute they were small dainties in the elegant salons of Paris, the next minute they were available at… Read more

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High Tea at PassionTree (Velvet)

I knew nothing of PassionTree Velvet when a little box was delivered to my office on an otherwise dull Tuesday afternoon. Looking for all the world like an aqua tinted Tiffany gift box, it was filled with a selection of melt in the mouth chocolate truffles and an invitation* to High Tea at the PassionTree… Read more

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Coconut Macaroons BC*

*Before Corporatisation. Back in the good old days, before McDonald’s in Paris sold them for .90€ cents, before temples of taste such as Laduree had made it to our shores and they were just a glimmer in MasterChef’s eye, Macarons were known as Macaroons. (click on the Laduree link to see what Paris is really… Read more

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Macarons MkII – St Emilion

In August I wrote a post about those delightfully crunchy and light as air confections known as Macarons.  They are very in vogue at the moment (always in vogue in Paris), ticking all the boxes in the current craze for Afternoon and High Tea.  Sweet, light and in an amazing array of delicate pastel shades… Read more

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You Say Macaron, I Say Macaroon

This is the closest I will ever get to Le Jules Verne, the restaurant on top of the Tour Eiffel, famed for its fabulous views and fabulous prices to match! Michelle asked if there were any Macaron sightings? Why thanks for asking Michelle, indeed there have been, in two very different locations. The first was at… Read more

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