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Queensland – Home Of The Winter Food Festival

July in Queensland means clear skies and a chance to slip into a second layer. It also means lots of outdoor, food focused events before the temperatures start to rise again. Mark these Queensland Food Festivals on your calendar and take advantage of the great weather. Scenic Rim Eat Local Week I’ve written before about… Read more

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The Powerhouse Farmers Markets – Brisbane

It’s been a fair while since I’ve visited Jan Power’s Farmers Market at The Powerhouse. Mainly because there have been so many more markets that have popped up over the years but also because it’s impossible to get a parking spot in that tiny corner of New Farm. The first market of 2015 saw us… Read more

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In My Kitchen… June 2014

In my June kitchen there’s a bit of a baking theme going on. In my kitchen… …was my first attempt at a blockbuster celebration cake. All eaten now. I offered to make a cake for my niece’s birthday and decided to surprise her with an Ombre Cake. It’s not something I had made before but… Read more

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The Crazy Adelaide St Sushi Queue

It’s hard to miss.  Stretching over a hundred metres down the block, the queue for sushi from LR Sushi rivals the banana queues at the City Farmers Markets.  But there’s no shortage of sushi in Brisbane and not even a shortage of sushi on the block, yet there is massive queue every day from 11am… Read more

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You Say Tomatillo

Foodie, Social Networker and Super Tweeter Mel Kettle tweeted last Saturday that she had spied some Tomatillos at the Kelvin Grove markets.  She observed that they are hard to come by in Australia and in fact, she had never even seen them for sale in this country.  She is right – they are a rare… Read more

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Yes Sir, We Have No Bananas

I’m not a fan of bananas, which is a pity as they are the perfect ‘take anywhere, anytime’ snack.  They also grow by the bucket load in Queensland so they are handy and cheap.  Except when there has been a devastating weather pattern bringing floods and cyclones to the State. For me, no great loss.  For… Read more

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The Greedy South West

The produce market is alive and thriving in regional France. Towns in the various regions or departments have a market, each on a different day of the week, allowing producers and stall holders to visit and sell at each town. Recently, I visited a market in the town Issigeac in the Dordogne in South West France… Read more

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Paris Marche’ – 15e

Everywhere I turn in Paris, there is food. In the short stretch of a few hundred metres between my apartment and the Metro, I pass 4 restaurants, 2 bars, 1 wine cave, a Russian deli, a Middle Eastern deli, 2 boulangeries (bakeries) and a patisserie (a good old fashioned ‘cake shop’). The variety and quality… Read more

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About That Curried Scallop Pie…..

You may recall that last week, I bought a Curried Scallop Pie at the Wednesday Farmer’s Markets. It was my ‘kick up my heels’ treat on State of Origin night. Following the directions to the letter (not always easy for me, as you know), I popped the pie into the oven to heat.Whilst I was… Read more

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