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In My Kitchen… August 2016

July just flew past. Between our Exteno Unveil Party and several birthdays, there was a lot of cooking and socialising and many Champagne corks popped. The party was a great success and true to my word, there was nary a paper or plastic plate, cup or piece of cutlery in sight. I nailed the catering… Read more

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Bloody Marmalade Vodka & Sicilian Mule Cocktail

And still the blood orange recipes keep coming. This is the last one, for this year anyway. Some time ago I was gifted a whole case of blood oranges by Redbelly Citrus, purveyors of fine Australian Blood Oranges. Over the ensuing weeks, I made a variety of recipes as well as just enjoying them in… Read more

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Blood Orange Marmalade From Darkest Peru

‘…and after dipping a paw into an open jar of marmalade by his bed in order to make sure everything really was all right, he closed his eyes again.’ Paddington Treasury, Michael Bond Marmalade. You either like it, or you don’t. I’m in the ‘don’t’ camp whilst both Anthony and Paddington Bear are in the… Read more

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