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The very first blog I ever posted was about Cumulus Inc, and their crunchy Silk Purse for a Sow’s Ear dish.  I wrote about it because I loved the meal and had recently discovered the ‘solo dining theory’.  In honour of my 100th post, I am writing again about Cumulus Inc.  I revisited Melbourne for… Read more

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Golden Fields – St Kilda

*** THIS VENUE HAS NOW CLOSED *** I tell you I don’t review restaurants that often and here I am again, reviewing another.  A recent trip to Melbourne allowed me to tick another restaurant off the list using my ‘solo dining’ theory.  ‘Golden Fields’ conjures up a vision of a rosy cheeked Chinese peasant in… Read more

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It’s All About The Tapas

Travelling on an almost weekly basis might mean no time in my own kitchen but it does allow me to sample the delights of other kitchens. I also get to break my own rule of ‘I don’t go to restaurants that don’t take bookings and require you to queue’ as most places can readily accommodate… Read more

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