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In My Kitchen… July 2016

It’s July and it’s cold. We had the longest summer ever in Brisbane but in the past week, winter has arrived. Sure, it’s not snowing like it is in some parts of Australia but when you live in a wooden house without central heating, 8c is a pretty frosty start to the morning. On Monday… Read more

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Depending on where you grew up, the term ‘meatball’ will have different connotations and of course, different names. They could be the golf ball sized ground beef and onion balls served alongside spaghetti in a tomato sauce favoured by Italian Americans or fist sized pork meat balls wrapped in cabbage to resemble a lion’s mane of… Read more

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Over the past months, I have been tidying up the blog as part of the transition to my own self hosted site. Correcting typos, re-sizing photos, updating links etc. In doing this, it’s come to my attention that I am a little bit obsessed with Yotam Ottolenghi. He came into my consciousness slowly in the… Read more

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