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This month, Random Recipes at Belleau Kitchen is celebrating the big three-oh. Dom has been running Random Recipes for 30 months! What a commitment. I’m a latecomer to RR, coming in at #18 with a short break in September for an overseas trip. Looking back whilst I was researching this post, I note that I… Read more

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Lunch Sized Adventures – Guzman Y Gomez

On the spur of the moment, a group of us decided to go for a quick lunch to Guzman Y Gomez Mexican Taqueria at Emporium in Fortitude Valley.  I work just across the way and had been itching to go upon the strong recommendation of fellow tweep @foodbling.  Like the swag of Mexichains popping up… Read more

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Dia de los Meurtos in Downtown Rosalie

In Barbara Kingsolver’s novel ‘The Lacuna’, hero Harrison Shepherd is half Mexican, half American. After growing up in gloriously warm and exotic Mexico, he moves to staid, chilly North Carolina.  In Mexico, Harrison unravels the secrets to life as he spends his days in the kitchen with the cook, learning to make fluffy breads and… Read more

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The Unexpected Churros

My brother was visiting from Sydney for the weekend so I decided to have a Carnitas & Margaritas night to celebrate.  After a few Margaritas over Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘Rebecca‘, it was time to move on to our Mexican feast.  The prefect opportunity to use those Mexican doilies. Apart from the shredded pork carnitas, much of… Read more

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You Say Tomatillo

Foodie, Social Networker and Super Tweeter Mel Kettle tweeted last Saturday that she had spied some Tomatillos at the Kelvin Grove markets.  She observed that they are hard to come by in Australia and in fact, she had never even seen them for sale in this country.  She is right – they are a rare… Read more

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Never Underestimate an Op Shop!

I’m a big fan of Op Shops (Charity Shops to UK readers, Thrift Stores for those Stateside).  Is it because I’m cheap?  Is it because I like to recycle?  Is it because vintage and retro are in?  Is it because ‘old stuff’ is normally better quality?  Is it because I want something a little different… Read more

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Holy Guacamole!

I was overseas for quite a while and now that I’m back, I have noticed a few things.  Food prices are through the roof, Qld winters really are the best and Mexican is the Comida del Dia.  Everyone rolls their eyes about Tex-Mex and Montezuma’s and how hard done by Australian’s are when it comes… Read more

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Holy Mole!

Last November I went to Florida for two weeks, to get away from the cold of another European Winter. I had a wonderful time swimming in the lovely warm Gulf of Mexico, trying my first Cuban food and admiring the Art Deco buildings of Miami.     The other thing I did was to lug… Read more

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