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Summer Ice Block Adventures – ‘Madras’

Well that was Spring then. After one of the warmest Brisbane Winters on record and a scorching start to September, the mercury today indicates that we are in Summer mode. All of this warm weather has made me think about the Summer ahead and trying my hand at some new projects. So, throughout the coming… Read more

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Taste of the Top End – Rapid Creek Markets

Most people know of the Mindil Beach Markets in Darwin.  On Thursday and Sunday nights, they’re a bit on an institution.  But have you heard of the Rapid Creek Markets?  Located in small non descript suburban ‘business village’ painted a suitably tropical aqua, it is Darwin’s oldest market, specialising in Asian fruit and vegetables, fresh… Read more

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Flashback – Mint Pattie

I don’t mind a choc/mint combination but it’s not something I seek out. I’m more a gummy bear or jelly bean kind of girl. The other day I was in Canberra when a friend bought each of us a low fat sugar fix for a long afternoon meeting that lay ahead.  It was a Nestle Mint Pattie. … Read more

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