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Never Underestimate An Op Shop!

All of these years on, Nigella Bites is still one of my favourite cookbooks. Though many of the recipes would be considered simple or kitsch, that cookbook taught me that it’s OK to take shortcuts and helped me hone my skills at adapting and modifying to suit local conditions. The 12 hour leg of lamb… Read more

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This is a public service announcement for all Australians who are seeking a real cup of coffee in the USA. Make your way immediately to the town of West Yellowstone in Montana. There you will find the true secret of happiness. An elixir that you will recall with fondness for many months and bad coffees… Read more

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Billings, Montana. It’s a place that most of us have heard of but few have been to. Joan Rivers once asked her audience if anyone had been to Billings. You can hear what she thought about it here: Billings is not for Joan.  It’s not really on the beaten track but serves as a stopping… Read more

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