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In My Kitchen… February 2019

Bang! February is here. After a lovely six months off work, where we went on three different holidays (Europe, Thailand, Tasmania), I have started a new contract with the Qld Government. This means being super organised for lunches and dinners, rather than just wandering around the house and deciding on a whim, what to cook… Read more

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Caramel Fig & Pear Loaf – Bookmarked Recipes

The original recipe that this Caramel Fig & Pear Loaf is based on had been bookmarked for years but I never seemed to have the time, ingredients or inclination to get it made. It’s physically bookmarked with a little tab of paper that pre-dates virtual bookmarking. My ‘to review’ board on Pinterest tells a similar story, as… Read more

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It’s all wet and blustery in Brisbane today. A couple of tropical cyclones have brought plenty of rain and some very gusty winds to this normally sunny city. In the past there would have been a  worrying (exciting if you were a kid) cyclone warning on the TV, telling you that danger was imminent. If there was… Read more

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Blueberry Polenta Muffins

I was having some people drop by on short notice for afternoon tea. What to make? What to make? What to make when you only want to use what you’ve already got in the cupboard but yet still want to impress? I turned to my hefty and woefully underused ‘Kitchen – Recipes From The Heart… Read more

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Fit For A Queen’s Birthday

After a leisurely weekend of camping at Wivenhoe Dam, I came home with far too much food that should have been consumed over the weekend but wasn’t – due to Bronlynn’s and my reputation for never knowingly under catering. I had more than a few items that had been exposed to minimal refrigeration and were… Read more

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