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Regular readers will know how much I enjoy Malaysian cuisine with its melting pot of spicy noodles, tantalising curries and excellent rotis. There are a few Malaysian restaurants scattered around Brisbane’s suburbs but none that are centrally located. When I was invited* to try newly opened PappaRich in the Wintergarden, I wasn’t at all surprised… Read more

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Lunch Sized Adventures Malaysian Style

Over the years I’ve waxed lyrical about my love of Malaysian food. One of my favourite dishes (Malaysian or otherwise) is Char Kway Teow and if you’ve been reading along for any length of time, it makes regular appearances in TIFFIN. Another fave is the curry and flat bread meal known as Roti Canai. Indeed… Read more

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Big, Fat Deal

A few weeks ago I finally visited Fat Noodle, one of Luke Nguyen’s ventures outposted to the Treasury Casino in Brisbane. It opened to much fanfare 12 months ago but has had mixed reviews. When I say mixed reviews, I’m being generous. A quick tour of sites such as Urbanspoon and Yelp! consistently provide poor… Read more

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In the Dragon’s Lair

I grew up not far from Sunnybank when it still had the vestiges of market gardens and was on a sleepy street called Mains Rd that ended literally in a dead end at the Mt Gravatt Cemetary.  I recall collecting pecans that had fallen from the trees standing in the vacant lot behind the new… Read more

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Lunch Sized Adventures – Taro’s Ramen & Cafe

I’ve decided to start a new ‘theme’ of post, based on TIFFIN’S lunch time adventures.  Here’s the first one.I spend most of my lunch breaks sitting at my desk, working my way through an endless pile of emails and something I’ve brought from home.  Occasionally though, I get to throw off the shackles and one… Read more

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