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Norfolk Island Life – 5 Quirky Facts

Norfolk Island bobs about in the South Pacific, kissed by tropical trade winds and an air of mutiny. There are a couple of return flights a week from Australia and New Zealand and other than that, it pretty much keeps to itself. Despite this, NI is a community in transition. The Island moved from self… Read more

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Norf’k Island Life – Farmer’s Market

As the months fly by, I continue to tidy posts on my new website when I can. Mainly re-sizing photos and the occasional typo, it’s a wonderful trip down memory lane, particularly of holidays I’ve shared with Anthony. Whilst wandering down that laneway, I noticed that quite a few of the side paths led to… Read more

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Norf’k Island Life – Roadside Stalls

For a relatively small geographic area, Norfolk Island is criss crossed with quite an extensive road network.  They’re not particularly well maintained but are certainly well travelled and provide a mutual opportunity for locals and tourists alike in the form of road side produce stalls. NI is blessed with volcanic soil, a mild climate, sufficient… Read more

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Norf’k Island Life – Flavours of Norfolk

The predominant language on Norfolk Island is English however many people also use the local language, ‘Norfo’k Laengwij’, which is a mixture of English and Tahitian. Originally spoken by the Pitcairners, they brought their Pitkern language with them when they moved to NI in 1856. The language continued to evolve and Norfo’k was recognised as… Read more

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At some stage, most people visiting Norfolk Island end up at ‘Sweeties’, an old fashioned lolly shop and chocolate maker strategically situated opposite the primary and high school. After you have a laugh at the aptly named Cow Patties, Steaming Cow Patties (with chilli) and the NI Traffic Controller (a cow), buy a Hokey Pokey ice… Read more

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Norf’k Island Life – Foraging

Norfolk Island is neat as a pin. Wandering cattle keep much of the grass in check as do the local community who seem to be constantly weeding, trimming and manicuring their island paradise. Try as they might though, the locals just can’t tame everything. With balmy temperatures and help from the parrots and roaming wild… Read more

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