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Many of my South Australian adventures focus on the Barossa Valley, as we visit the Vintage Festival every two years at Easter. The 2013 Festival was no different however we decided that it was time to start visiting some of the other districts and this year, that included the Clare Valley.  Famous for it’s cool… Read more

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This is Radio TIFFIN

Interrupting all programmes….With so much happening and far too many exciting adventures for me to ever fully catch up, I’ve dedicated this post to ‘announcements & updates’.International TIFFINThe eagle eyed amongst you may have spotted a new page on the blog.  Click on the International TIFFIN tab at the top of the page to see… Read more

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The Grove by the Lake

Last year I Adopted an Olive Tree for my Mum for her birthday.  Catch up here.  Fast forward to last weekend and it was time to visit the olive tree and pick its bountiful harvest.  No doubt like all the other adoptive parents, we had been watching the ominous skies and bucket loads of water… Read more

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‘Mele Kalikimaka…

…is the thing to say on a bright Hawaiian Christmas Day.’It was a rude shock to race into the supermarket at 7.30pm on a Tuesday evening and hear Bing Crosby crooning to the one or two souls wandering the aisles.  It was the first real reminder for me that Christmas is not long away.  It’s… Read more

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Adopt an Olive Tree today!

I’ve been wanting to write this post for ages (nearly 9 months) but as I also wanted to give this as a gift to my Mum, I had to demur.  I knew there was a high likelihood that if I published the post, before I knew it, she would have gone off and adopted her… Read more

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