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In My Kitchen… March 2015

Last month was a funny old month. I was on Jury Duty for a fortnight which was a blessing and a curse. Many of the things that I usually slip into the day between other responsibilities had to be crammed into evenings or put on hold. No tweeting in the jury room. Whilst I was… Read more

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In My Kitchen… February 2015

Yes, it’s February. Christmas has been and gone, as has Australia Day. Thoughts now turn to the long weeks until the next public holiday or festivity to plan for. The hot weather  continues unabated in Brisbane whilst my IMK friends in other parts of Australia and the Northern Hemisphere have had some surprisingly brisk weather… Read more

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Regular readers may recall that I was given a box of onions by a friend who had them left over from a fundraising event. I made a delicious Caramelised Onion Tart as well as freezing many bags of sliced onions for future use. But still they kept giving… I’m not complaining about having so many… Read more

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You may recall that I was given a huge box of very large onions some weeks ago. I was umming and ahhing what to do with them all. Many readers made suggestions, the most popular being caramelised onions and French onion soup. I had already planned to make a caramelised onion relish (16 onions = 5… Read more

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