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In The Tiffin Box X

Life is never dull. Since finishing work, I’ve been out and about getting up to all kinds of bite sized adventures. Here’s a taste. A Choko By Any Other Name.. I posted a photo on Instagram of a box of chokos for sale at the Farmers Market on Norfolk Island. For reasons I can’t fathom… Read more

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In The Tiffin Box IX

It’s been a while so here’s a round up of the what’s happening in TIFFIN’s wider world and a head’s up on things that would have other got away. The Art of Skins Exhibition The State Library of Qld has opened a new exhibition, The Art Of Skins, tracing the traditional practice of possum skin… Read more

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In The Tiffin Box VII + How To Make Coffee Salt Scrub

Welcome to the first ‘In The Tiffin Box’ for the year. There’s just so much happening and the days are already flying past, here’s what’s I’ve squeezed in to my busy weekends and days off. Queensland Faces As always, there are a myriad of activities happening in the Queensland cultural precinct in South Brisbane and most… Read more

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In The Tiffin Box V

Lots to catch up on as always, so it’s time for a roundup. The Roll Shop Bahn Mi Rolls. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Since returning to the Big Smoke for work, there haven’t been too many lunches coming along in the Tiffin Box. Instead, I’ve been having a grand… Read more

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In The Tiffin Box IV

There’s never a dull moment at TIFFIN HQ. The past few weeks have been very busy between extra travel with work, preparation for the renovation and Good Food Month events. The busier things get, the more I feel the need to write and cook as a creative outlet. Here’s a few things that would have… Read more

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In The Tiffin Box III

Time flies and with so many things to taste, see and do, so it’s time to do a roundup of what’s in The Tiffin Box. Get Communal Just before Christmas I went to the opening of a new restaurant and bar – Communal Bar & Eat House. This vast venue encompasses alfresco eating and bar areas… Read more

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In The Tiffin Box II – Reader’s Survey

With a conference to help organise (Eat. Drink. Blog. 2014) and an impending overseas holiday, there’s always lots to do and many lists to make and tick off. Here’s a quick look inside the Tiffin Box to catch up with what’s been happening and an opportunity for you to let me know what you think… Read more

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In The Tiffin Box

The year is rushing by, as it always does. There’s always so much happening. So many small observations and half written posts that fly past without being captured and popped onto a digital page for posterity. The Project Manager in me needs to curate these thoughts. Get them organised. Document them. Here they are: Carina North Quality Meats… Read more

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