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Coconut Pancakes w Coriander & Peking Pork

Slow cooked meats are very much in vogue at the moment. Pulled pork, beef carnitas, slow roasted shoulders and similar are on menus across the land. Some of this is inspired by the current rise of ‘American Diner Cuisine’ and its little brother Dude Food and some by the desire for cooks and chefs to… Read more

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When you’re hosting a party, you’re always looking for things you can do beforehand. Peeling veges, setting tables, chopping herbs, cooking dishes that can be re-heated, chilling drinks, mixing and storing dressings in the fridge – anything you can do to minimise cooking and time away from guests. There are some shortcuts that I long… Read more

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Good News Story

I’ve not had a lot of luck in the breakfast and brunch stakes in Brisbane so when my sister-in-law said she wanted to go out for Sunday breakfast, I was wary.  As she was staying in a hotel near Petrie Bight, I selected the Story Bridge Hotel being convenient for her to walk to and… Read more

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Syrian Pancakes on a Sunday Morning

I was sorting through my holiday photos and discovered this little video I captured Al-Madina Souq in Aleppo. I re-watched it and realised it wasn’t half bad, considering it was recorded on my basic point and snap camera. I’m only sorry I didn’t record for longer. How good is this guy? Can you make pancakes… Read more

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Turkish Gozleme

What are Gozleme?  Quite simply, they are yummy pancakes that were once a Turkish peasant food but have now been co-opted by the masses as a cheap snack or light meal.  My first taste of Gozleme were at a specialty Gozleme cafe in Goreme (yes, ‘Gozleme in Goreme’) and, they were not very good.  I… Read more

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