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Local &/or General – Flour & Chocolate Patisserie

Local &/or General is the title of a song by The Models. Not when they were in their chart topping phase but earlier on, in their edgy, urban grit phase, prior to James Freud joining. It’s a song that’s always stuck in my mind and it seemed like an appropriate title for this occasional series… Read more

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This month, ‘The Choice is Yours’, Dom from Belleau Kitchen suggests.  He’s asked us to ‘go back to the very beginning’ when Random Recipes first started.  Recipe selection in the first RR challenge was simplicity itself ‘pick & point’.  As I didn’t participate in the early RRs, this is a chance to go back to… Read more

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Solstice Pear & Prune Pies – SABH

I hate making pastry!  Baking is made up of two schools. Those who are born into a dynasty of bakers who have been turning out buttery flans, light as a feather sponges and scones worthy of CWA approval since Eve was a girl. As wee things, they stood on a stool at the kitchen bench… Read more

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Bali Bakery

Admit it.  When you think Bali, you don’t think ‘Bakery’.  Tropical paradise with cocktails at sunset – yes.  Patisserie – no.  None the less, Bali had a little surprise for me in the form of Bali Bakery in Kuta.  Bakery is understating it as they do breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as offer an… Read more

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When East Meets West

A few weeks ago we had some friends over for the enthusiastically titled ‘Middle Eastern Feast’. In keeping with the theme and the Middle Eastern tradition of generous hospitality and an abundant table, our own table positively groaned.  Food from Greg & Lucy Malouf’s Turquoise and Barry Vera’s Feast Bazaar featured as well as some… Read more

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Never Underestimate an Op Shop!

Time for an Op Shop update.  So many great goodies out there and so little space to fit it in my cupboards.To start with, these cute espresso cups. Originally a set of 8, sadly there were only 4 pairs plus the leftover saucers, that stayed behind.  With a hint of 70’s and a whiff of… Read more

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