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Caramel Fig & Pear Loaf – Bookmarked Recipes

The original recipe that this Caramel Fig & Pear Loaf is based on had been bookmarked for years but I never seemed to have the time, ingredients or inclination to get it made. It’s physically bookmarked with a little tab of paper that pre-dates virtual bookmarking. My ‘to review’ board on Pinterest tells a similar story, as… Read more

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If there’s one thing Australians can’t get enough of, it’s Eurovision. We’ve laughed, we’ve danced, we’ve cried. The winners, the losers, the ridiculous outfits, the funny accents, we’ve embraced them all. What was once a way to unify Europe and bring a splash of colour and glamour to some dreary postwar years has become a… Read more

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It’s all wet and blustery in Brisbane today. A couple of tropical cyclones have brought plenty of rain and some very gusty winds to this normally sunny city. In the past there would have been a  worrying (exciting if you were a kid) cyclone warning on the TV, telling you that danger was imminent. If there was… Read more

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Dispatches from Sydney – Flour & Stone Bakery

I can’t make it less than 2 km to get to Flour & Chocolate Bakery at Morningside but I can make it 932 km to Woolloomooloo to visit Flour & Stone Bakery.  Famous for their artisan bread and amazing bakery items, I had originally planned to do a breakfast.  Always a risky proposition on a… Read more

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It’s been a bit of a hit and miss week at TIFFIN central.  It started out fine, with a visit to Lake Wivenhoe but then went rapidly downhill as I was hit by an ague that took me out for the entire week.  Somewhere towards the middle was a very forgettable birthday but as the… Read more

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Solstice Pear & Prune Pies – SABH

I hate making pastry!  Baking is made up of two schools. Those who are born into a dynasty of bakers who have been turning out buttery flans, light as a feather sponges and scones worthy of CWA approval since Eve was a girl. As wee things, they stood on a stool at the kitchen bench… Read more

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